5 types of decision-makers

5 types of decision-makers

Communicate better knowing the 5 types of decision-makers

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I’m taking a course on Communication Fundamentals and just learned the 5 types of decision-makers. I will be writing down all that I learned.

The 5 types are:

  1. The Charismatics
  2. The Thinkers
  3. The Skeptics
  4. The Followers
  5. The Controllers

🫀🧠The Charismatics:

These are the most easily intrigued by new ideas. They love novel and new ways of thinking, their experience has led them to explore these new ideas. In that way, they will be readily willing to listen to your ideas, but rest assured that they will use their experience to balance their decision-making around facts and emotion. So you want to appeal to their head 🧠 and their heart 🫀 .

🧠📚The Thinkers:

Hard people to convince, since they want an argument that’s very well supported by data. They want to take the time to make the decision, even if it takes a lot of time. So you might be in a situation where you have to present the data more than once, or in different ways in order to get that decision from that style of decision-maker.

🤷🤔The Skeptics:

They will always look at things from a “half empty” perspective. They are suspicious of new ways of thinking, particularly if it challenges their mental models and their way of thinking, and their view of the world. That’s why they will always find a reason why not. Usually seen as an aggressive and difficult person to deal with when regards to decisions. Provide them with enough information so that their assumptions are challenged.

🐹🕵️The Followers:

They want to know that somebody else has already done it. They are always the last to come on board in terms of new trends and new ways of doing things. It’s like they will never be the guinea pig in an experiment. Which experts have used it? Which people support it? How many? How many companies use it? Which companies? So come with expert opinions and facts to get your favorable decision.

🧠📊The Controllers:

100% mind-focused when it comes to decision-making. This group of people wants to focus on the data, and solely on the data. They are not going to become emotionally involved in any decision. They cannot stand ambiguity and uncertainty.

Hope this article helps you understand more about communication!

See you guys later!

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